Welcome to CME Energy

CME is an internationally successful project development company which creates opportunities based on the need and resources of the regional market. We bring together knowledgeable investors, lending institutions, the community and it's leaders, along with top technology partners to develop reliable and efficient energy projects which benefit all concerned.

Our proven track record on four continents and our unique community-oriented clean energy projects have made CME a sought-after developer by leading energy and investment firms as well as government, civic, and business leaders in the United States and overseas.

We provide a cutting-edge, practical development process along with financial structuring and contract expertise.

What we do

Create projects that generate clean, reliable, and low cost energy in the United States, North Africa, Asia and South America.

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Representative Solar Projects

--Go to the Forbes Street Solar Project
page for info on this RI solar farm.

--Read about our completed solar project
with the Rhode Island Convention Center.

SOLAR NEWS : December 2011

click here for more news on the Toledo,
Ohio solar field project

Representative Gas Fired Projects

Fremont Solar Project
City of Fremont
Scudder, Stevens and Clark
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
El Biban Oil Field

    -Minimize environmental impact
    -Strengthen the local economies
    -Limit noise pollution
    -Promote clean air

-Protect water resources
-Optimize power marketing opportunities
-Reduce risk
-Deliver sustainable value to investors,
partners and communities

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More CME related companies
and websites

North America Project Development LLC

NAPD LLC is developing a 700 MW gas fired ccgt plant with a confidential counter party.

ELECTRIC POWER ASSOCIATES Pte Ltd., which is involved in the late stage development, structuring, and financing of privatized electrical power projects in the Pacific Basin. Lincoln Rathnam is the co-founder and managing director, Bill Martin is a co-founder and director.

Bill Martin (billmartin.org)

Read a biography and review other projects that Bill is part of. Please visit the websites mentioned to learn more about the other current projects.

Epic Theatre Ensemble

Bill Martin is the Board Chairman of Epic Theatre

EPIC THEATRE ENSEMBLE is a company of artists and activists dedicated to creating theatrical events Off-Broadway and in the NYC Public Schools that inspire vital dialogue about social issues.