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CME Energy Projects

CME Energy has successfully been a key player in development of electric power projects on four continents. By combining a community-oriented approach and environmental sensitivity with technical and financial acumen, CME Energy generates solutions that benefit both localities and partners.

List of Projects

CME Energy partnered with North America Project Development, LLC to build the Oregon Clean Energy Center, an 869 MW natural gas-fired electric power plant in Oregon, Ohio. The project began in April 2014 and is scheduled to begin commercial operations on June 1, 2017. 

CME Energy, in conjunction with Hecate Energy, developed the 3.7 MW Forbes Street Solar Project on a closed landfill in East Providence, Rhode Island. Completed in June 2014, the solar plant currently delivers clean electricity to thousands of people in Rhode Island, through energy sales to National Grid under a 15-year power purchase agreement. The developers, CME and Hecate recently won a 20 year PPA with National Grid to expand the project an additional 4 MW.

In 2001, CME Energy developed the Fremont Energy Center with Calpine Energy in Fremont, Ohio. This 707 MW combined cycle, natural gas power plant is now owned and operated by American Municipal Power, producing cost effective, clean energy for their memberships. 

CME Energy led the development of the El Biban power project in Zarzis, Tunisia with partners Caterpillar Power Ventures International and Centurion Energy. The 27 MW cogeneration electric power plant was the first independent power project and the first carbon capture power plant in Africa.

CME Energy advised U.S.-based asset manager Scudder, Stevens and Clark on three successful investments in Latin America, including the development of the region’s first independent power project. 

CME Energy and Cornerstone Power Development, a joint development partner, conducted a study of a solar application on the Rhode Island Convention Center in 2010.

CME Energy worked with its subcontractor, RW Beck, to evaluate the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s cogeneration facility’s technical and operational issues and to correct interface problems with Cambridge Electric. CME Energy and RW Beck were able to successfully resolve all technical, operational and interface difficulties.